• Switch Config for H/A Firewalls

    Hey. I'm trying to lab up a scenario where I have a H/A pair of Cisco ASA's that connect to a pair of downstream switches for H/A. I want to run my inside and outside interfaces through the two switches. I thought all...
    Chaz (CCNAx2 / CCNP)
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  • What do you mean by the backplane speed of a switch ?

    Recently came up with an article that explains chassis based larger switches have a higher backplane speed when we compare them with standard fixed size switches. Was wondering what actually meant by this.
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  • CCNA Cloud - Passable without access to any real gear?

    Has anybody here completed this certification relying only on books/videos/whitepapers etc?  About how much of CLDADM can be done via dCloud?
    Steven Davidson
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  • IBGP configuration question

    This is in relation to this link: https://www.sacosbebes.com?page=thread/118759http://   Hi mail@mail-in.dk, modestas@ragai-ir-kanopos.eu, Jeffrey_darling15@yahoo.com, sarahanandmodestas@ragai-ir-kanopos.euma...
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  • SWITCH Security

    So as stated in the OCG one way to VLAN hop is to double tag a frames first tag is the Native VLAN and the second is the goal VLAN the hacker wishes to be in. This attack works due to the switch taking off the native ...
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  • CCDP certification path if you already have your CCNP route switch.

    If I have my CCNP how many exams do I need to take to acquire my CCDP. I thought it was just the ARCH 300-320 cert base on the output below ?   Exams & Recommended TrainingRequired Exam(s) Recommended Trainin...
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  • SDN

    Can someone please elaborate on the following topic.   5.5 Describe network programmability in enterprise network architecture 5.5.a Function of a controller 5.5.b Separation of control plane and data plane 5...
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  • NHRP issue

    Hii Guys,   I'm currently practicing DMVPN but facing some issue. My Spoke routers does not generate any NHRP request for the other spoke router. Don't Know why.... I'm pasting the config of hub router and sp...
    Sourabh Saboo
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  • Introduction to Networking

    For anyone just starting out, I've created a small 'Introduction to Networking' video.   It's meant to help anyone who's completely new to networking get started. A second part is in the works, which will cover ...
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  • Passed 300-206

    Hello,   I passed 300-206 yesterday, albeit on the third attempt.  Quite a tricky exam for me, as obviously there's no official certification guide and I didn't do the training either.   Anyway, in ca...
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  • passed SECOPS Exam Cohort5

    after i've passed my Exam today i'd like to thank Cisco for giving me this opportunity and the Mentors for the awesome job they did in the mentoring session.   Good luck to all of you who still have to complete ...
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  • ccna dc lab

    Hello- I am about to start on my ccna dc cert, my question is what lab setup is being used for this?  GNS3, Virl? Thanks br8888
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  • IOSvL2

    Hi guys,   thank you for a great resource!   I've got a couple of IOSvL2s in my lab and wanted to use storm-control to block bcast and mcast for nbma labbing in ospf... Seems it is not supported for the ve...
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  • Packet Tracer 7.1.1 with Ubuntu 16.04 and higher

    I have Packet Tracer on Windows but I wanted to try it on my Linux workstation.   I could not get it to start and found an answer on Stack Exchange: Cisco Packet Tracer 7.1 won't start - Ask Ubuntu   In s...
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  • Internet line vs leased line vs frame relay vs atm vs mpls

    Why do we look for MPLS or frame relay when IPSec can serve the purpose for it ?
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    Could someone explain to me what is the difference between terms below:   NEIGHBOR TABLE and ADJACENCY DATABASE TOPOLOGY TABLE and LSDB ROUTING TABLE and FORWARDING DATABASE   Tnx,
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  • Passed with 944/860

    2nd attempted but I passed.   I feel like I got the same questions as last time, just mixed up really well. My last score was 735 and well its obvious what my new score is.   Anyway, I'm going to start CC...
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  • Migrate from static to OSPF multi-area

    Hi all,   I have a mid-size network. Core switch 3 Distribution switches many Access Switches.   currntly we're using static route and we want to migrate to OSPF multi-area. To avoid any down time how ...
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  • CCDA Training Time

    Hi all,   I'm looking for a bit of advice. My CCNA expires in September 2019 which gives me nearly 18 months to complete my CCDA training and pass the exam to revalidate. In terms of time to work on my CCDA I'm ...
    Ed Darby
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  • Network Programmability using Python

    Hi Guys,   Well this is the most talked about topic now in the world of networking. Probably many of them might have already asked / addressed this topic.   How much exactly of a Python programming knowled...
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