• Question about CCNP Voice to CCNP Collaboration Migration

    Good Afternoon,   I have a CCNP Voice Certification that is valid until March 19, 2018. I ready a few months ago that the procedure for migrating CCNP Voice to CCNP Collaboration is to pass in CIPTV2 Exam ( 300-...
    George Fanticelli
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  • CTCOLLAB 300-080 Cisco Press Book

    Hi all,  I'm half way through my CCNP Collaboration track having passed CIPTV1 and CIPTV2(yesterday).  For those exams I used the offical Cisco Press books as part of my study.  They didn't cover everyt...
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  • the worst exam ever

    I have failed the 300-075 / CIPTV2 exam more times than i care to admit any maybe its just sour grapes but it has to be the worst exam i have ever sat.  some (non-specific examples):   Q.   &n...
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  • CAPPS 300-085

    All,   Has anyone here has success clearing CAPPS 300-085? I would be curious to know what materials were used to assist with your prep. I have the official study guide, but some of the feedback from people that...
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  • Which exam first? CTCOLLAB or CAPPS?

    Hi, I already did CIPTV1 and on 10.5 i go for CIPTV2.   Which exam should i take after? The CTCOLLAB or CAPPS?   From the numbering the 300-080 CTCOLLAB is first, but i think what if there are questions f...
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  • Preparing for CTCOLLAB 300-080

    Hi Guys!   I want to ask the ones who already passed 300-080 which study material you was using?   This is my last exam which i have to pass, in the past i began with the cisco press books, but for this ex...
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  • Adding devices into TMS

    Hii guys,   I have 20 DX-650 devices to which I need to enter them in a meeting. The problem is that I have only one DX-80 device and when I schedule a meeting I'm not able to get any meeting number. So, does ...
    created by Sourabh
  • Configuring A CUCS To Connect to a SME CUCM

    Has anyone ever configured an SME cluster with a CUCS hanging off of the SME (via a SIP trunk) and then had endpoint devices that had registered to a CUCM that had a SIP trunk going to the same SME server?   I'm...

    Hi,        I have a CCNP Voice Cert that expires on March 2018 but I've heard that Voice it's about to expire "forever" this year and I suppose to do CIPTV2 before this happend...   I w...
    Erik Lara
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  • CIPTV2 study/exam

    Hello All, can someone please advice the best way to practice/study for CIPTV2 exam? I am trying to study for it but got stuck bec I couldn't lay my hands on VCS, Expressway C & E software just for training purpos...
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  • CUCM intergration Public Skype

    Hi All -   I was not sure were to put this but i was just looknig to see if anyone as a method for CUCM integration with public Skype.  We have a lot of external contractors that are using the personal sjy...
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  • Am confused!!!

    HI All; I was following the Voice track before it was changed to collaboration. I had CCNA Voice and also passed the “Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Manager part 1, ver 8.0” -642-447 in Septembe...
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  • Any CCNP Collab practice test available?

    There is no CCNP Collaboration practice test available with the official learning guide like for CCNA? Half of the reason my success on CCNA was about learning Cisco's way to ask questions and how to answer them... ...
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  • VOIP 7975G Manual Configuration

    Good Morning CLN Team,  I'm back again with my VOIP phone questions.  I'm trying to register some VOIP phones "7975g" at my Site-A to the Call-Manager at Site-B.  This has been going on for a year now.....
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  • CCNP Collaboration refresh timeframe

    Does anyone know how long these exams will be valid before the next refresh? It seems that alot of material is still covering hardware that is now EOL or not deployed in a production environment.   I know that...
    Jay Murphy
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  • Why ASA Idle Time-Out Affects VTC Sessions

    Hello CLN Collaboration,   We just came out of an outage that affected our VTC suites and I wanted to find out why this problem exists.  Our network is hosted by another company and when our VTC communicati...
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  • QoS for BT Cloud: Prioritize traffic destined to specific IP's

    Hi peeps! Need some help!   I'd like to provide QoS for BT cloud voice traffic (there is no on prem voice system). I'd like to be able to ensure that under normal traffic conditions and under heavy utilization t...
    Robert M.
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  • Finally passed CIPTV2 300-075

    It took me five attempts, but I have finally passed CIPTV2 300-075 to update my CCNP Voice to Collaboration. My advice to anyone studying for this exam to read the v11 SRND, VCS configuration guide, and fragmented Exp...
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  • Has anyone taken any of the new exams on the CCNP collab track?

    300-070 CIPTV1Implementing Cisco IP Telephony & Video, Part 1 v1.0  I am looking to schedule my exams and training for 2015. I am wondering if anyone has taken this or any other exams on the new track? &nbs...
    Jay Murphy
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  • RBAC in CUCM

    Is it possible to create role based access for helpdesk personnel to do certain things like revoke access to phones and voicemail when an user leaves and just allow that access?
    Steven Williams
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