• BGP Route Reflector With Two ISPs

    Hello !   I want to fix my topology , there were some bugs in my configuration and I fixed most of them with the help of Support Forum. So I have a last step to accomplish and I need your great help again  ...
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  • 4 servers, 8 interfaces. 2 per server.

    This Question is part of my assignment . I have to make an Topology, but I am not able to understand these lines in my assignment " if we plan to connect 4 servers, we will need 8 interfaces. 2 per server."  Pl...
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  • EIGRP: summary route is not being propagated

    Hello.   I have 4 routers configured with EIGRP in this topology: R1------R2------R3------R4   I configured R1 as a stub (using #eigrp stub router configuration command)   Now I want that R1 learns o...
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  • inter vlan routing

    vlan 10- pc-1-int fa0/2 pc-2 int fa0/3 vlan 20- pc-3-int fa0/4 pc-4-int fa0/5     switch fa0/1 going to the router and its tr...
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  • Speed calculation

    There is this .org website that calculates 7.45058 seconds to transfer or download 1GB data over a Gigabit-Ethernet connection. I don't know how it gets that or if it's wrong.   CalcTool: Data transfer time calc...
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  • New CCNP Wireless Books

    Hello Everyone,   Does anybody know when the new Official Cert Guide books for WISECURE, WIDEPLOY and WITSHOOT will be released ?   Regards.
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  • CCDE 2017 Journey has just started...

    Guys, i'll be starting my journey for the CCDE track for both written and lab/practical. I'll make this thread as active as possible for a better interaction on the progress of my review..
    Chris Racaza
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  • Cisco Design Guides

    these can be found here:   Design Zone for Enterprise Networks - Cisco   there are quite a few of them, and i'll probably just read them all anyway, however, i am curious about opinions as to which ones mo...
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  • vPC Configuration

    Recently I started a discussion with a video about how vPC works.   It seems to have been received favourably, so I'd like to share another video. This covers how vPC is configured. This includes using the mana...
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  • CCDA exam Passed!

    Just passed the CCDA exam!   Thought the exam was well written as part of the Exam Topics   Material I Used: OCG - Really Good book and the practice questions are very valuable CBT Nuggets Design - Hig...
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  • If i have configured router with a etherchannel of two interface. In this condition should i create sub-interface for vlan or i can use this interface instead of sub-interface?

    as i know that for inter-vlan routing we create sub-interface on router for each vlan but if i create a etherchannel then i have to create sub-interface or i can each interface in etherchannel as sub-interface?
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  • How to merge two gateway in a same VLAN

    I want to create a single VLAN on Router and merge two different networks on a same VLAN, which will be allowed from SW. At the customer end from both Networks reply is needed. Guys please help me. This is real ISP s...
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  • ICMP Redirect Message

    Hi CLN When Are ICMP Redirects Sent? - Cisco on this red box , can anyone help me to understand this red box? why ICMP redirect message will not sent ? source ip and next-hop-ip address are both on same subent 1...
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    Hi everyone,   I am trying AToM lab (EoMPLS) on GNS3 but after below configuration, i still cant get HQ to ping Branch. what can be missing?     HQ#sh run Building configuration...   Current co...
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  • Cisco ASR 5500 (EPC/MME) On VIRL

    I have decided to purchase VIRL , but before placing order  I want to confirm the following.   1) Does the VIRL supports ASR 5500 to simulate MME- EPC components configuration? 2) Can I interface the LTE R...
    Ranjeet Badhe
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  • Failed Datacenter Infrastructure 300-165 twice

    I have appeared for the Cico 300-165 exam twice since past 6 months and have failed twice. I have studied the basic guide of datacenter and the book on the  NX-OS fundamentals and had read extensively through m...
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  • QOS DSCP Marking

    Hii Guys,   I'm very much confused about DSCP makring. I did not understood how to make marking to Voice and data traffic if in case there is congestion the Voice traffic should not drop. Please don not provid...
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  • Cohort 3 | CCNA Cyber Ops Journey/Experience

    Hello all,   I am writing this post to share my experience of Cisco Cyber Ops scholarship program. I see a lot of posts from the selection process to the final exams and free exam vouchers. I thought I will share...
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  • Completed Section 1 & 2 | Do you do what i do?

    Happy New Year 2018 to our wonderful people around.   Wow this course is awesome, to be frank i am really enjoying this course with all the content video, lab and questionnaire.   I just want to share few ...
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  • Personally this doesn't make sense. I will need your help to clarify better.

    Personally this doesn't make sense. I will need your help to clarify better. With regards to analyzing an attack. The best practice is to first use netflow to at least have a fair idea where to look. After that you ca...
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