• Useful Packet Tracer labs

    Hey Guys,   I'll be studying for the CCENT ICND1 exam on the first of they year and I was wondering what were some useful labs you guys used? I want to do labs that sort of coincide with the Offical Cert guide b...
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  • troubleshooting MPLS label switching

    I'm going to need some help troubleshooting this MPLS label switching....     Topology is like this...     R3-------R7--------R2-----------R1       r3 and r1 are the provider edge...
    Doug Kenline
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  • show ip ospf datatabase

    How is it possible that I have these ospf interfaces but they are not showing up in the ospf database?     I would think that my two serial interfaces should be in my ospf database and should be advertised ...
    Doug Kenline
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  • CEF EIGRP, OSPF)and Static route.

    Hi All ! About CEF again. Let's use EIGRP and OSPF first. Three router all run EIGRP as 1, and they can ping each others. in R3 adj table R3#show adjacency Protocol Interface      ...
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    Well just woke up at 10:00 A.M and there comes the mail for step 2 for the cybersecurity scholarship. Completed the exam ~25 minutes or so with 82.1%. I hope i will be accepted for the scholarship. Very nervouusssss!!
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  • Network Security Threatscape Session 2 - Review of Attack Types with James Risler | Post Webinar Discussion

    Please consider using this as a post webinar open discussion thread for the Network Security Threatscape Session 2 - Review of Attack Types with James Risler webinar.   Registration and recordings for this and fu...
    Karlo Bobiles
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  • is WIFI ethernet ?

    the ICND BOOK question  said : In the LAN for a small office, some user devices connect to the LAN using a cable, while others connect using wireless technology (and no cable). Which of the following is true re...
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  • CIDR

    Hi CLN   in the red box CIDR block major network is with default mask /24 , that means CIDR from this Address Space is /25 up to /32 why he write CIDR from /16 ?
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  • Link between distribution / core switches

    Hi, I have some doubt about campus network model. Sometimes, I see link between two distribution switches:   https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/td/i/200001-300000/220001-230000/223001-224000/223677.eps/_jcr_con...
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  • Is ipv6 rip name case-sensitive?

    When setting up ripv6, I enter "RIPng" on one interface and "ripng" on another interface. After that I issue "show ipv6 protocols", the two interfaces are shown in two separate sections. So is the RIP name case-sensit...
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  • forum issues?

    I have not been able to edit my own posted messages for the past 24 hours...     Edit: Unless I create the thread, like this.  This was an edit...all my responses to other messages will not let me edit.
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  • BGP Question -3

    Hi CLN     depending on the green box when the communication is reliable that means if any fail while send any updates it must be re-transmitted because it`s reliable retransmission and error recovery but w...
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  • BGP Question-5

    Hi CLN   i don`t understand this gray box, can anyone help !!!
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  • BGP Question -1

    Hi CLN   iam confused about the red boxes the first picture and the second picture ,does BGP adverting only best routes into BGP tbl ? or it advertising all BGP TBL?
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  • BGP Question -4

    Hi CLN     into this brown box , BGP don`t send periodic updates , BGP only send out all BGP TBL after neighbor is established then BGP don`t sending any updates why this books says that? --------- BGP do...
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  • Lammle CCENT book / IOS simulator problem

    Hi, Guys.   I study from Lammle's CCENT-ICND-1 book now, and ran into some problems. In the book  the chapter 6 is where the virtual lab exercise start and i downloaded and installed Lammle's IOS simulator, ...
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  • BGP Question-2

    Hi CLN i don`t understand this green box, can anyone help !!!
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  • SFP-10G-SR-S connect with GLC-SX-MM not coming up

    Hi all,   i have cisco 2960x 24ps-l  1g uplink and 4500x , the GLC-SX-MM put on 2960x and SFP-10g-SR-S put on 4500x is it normal the connection between  two SFPs not coming up ? or we need to do some...
  • BGP Question -2

    Hi CLN i don`t understand this yellow box can anyone help me !!!
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  • EIGRP Load sharing question

    Hi,   how to make EIGRP load share the traffic between two paths to a destination with values 1 packet on link A to 5 packets on link B, i tried changing delay and adding variance values but didnt get the exact ...
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