• I don't know why I'm getting this on the MAC table

    3012    0004.56d0.6861    DYNAMIC     Fa1/0/47 3012    0004.56f9.6eab    DYNAMIC     Fa1/0/47 3012   ...
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  • Ask Me Anything

    Hi everyone, The CCIEW exam was updated from v3.0 to v3.1 at the beginning of November 2017. I wanted to reach out to the community and make sure that everyone is aware of the changes and, answer any questions tha...
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  • DHCPv6 with Rapid Commit Option

    Hi what is the meaning of all these lines ? edmondgyampohjilse-iphbrian-osgoodluke.robertson@networkdirection.netsergun4ikmodestas@ragai-ir-kanopos.euarmysatcom25
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  • What are the best learning resources and practice exams for the CCNA Security certification?

    Hey CLN,   Brief background on my situation: I currently hold CCNA R&S (expiring early 2019). I also hold CompTIA A+, Net+, and Security + (expiring June 2018). If I get CCNA Security, it will renew not only...
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  • Passed CCNA 200-105 Renewal

    Now on to CCNA Security.
    Joseph Fulton
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  • ET INFO Windows OS Submitting USB Metadata to Microsoft = SO

    Hi Team, Hope everyone is enjoying SECFND & SECOPS.....   While i was playing up with SO, i noticed this Event, can someone please explain why do Microsoft need my USB Metadata?
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  • Labs for CCNA Security

    I currently work as a Software Developer, however my company recently gave me the opportunity to do the ICND1 and CCNA security to compliment my ethical hacking training.   I took the ICND1 week-long course and p...
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  • Load balance between 2 wan connection

    Hi Guys   i have a 2 wan connection, and always traffic go to the first link, and no traffic goes to the other one what i can do  if i want to make a load balance or aggregation between this 2 connection
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  • GNS3. Router on Stick. Problem with Switch.

    Dear colleagues may be someone had such problem. I installed new GNS3 2.1.3 But Switch is not working.   I installed simple configuration «Router on Stick». PC-5 and PC-6 are in VLAN 10. ESW1 S...
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  • show ssh

    Hi All,   I am trying to understand ssh communication and rsa keys assignment.   Could someone explain me why using ssh version 2 for the command "show ssh" I can see two mode communications. I mean fo...
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  • PBR with VRF

    I have three monitoring servers that I need configure a static NAT to redirect some ports, I have configure the NAT and configure a PBR for when some packet originated of these servers the PBR redirects to internet VR...
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  • Passed CCNA!

    Sup Fam! I just passed my 200-125 exam! It is wasn’t without #struggle. I failed the first time. Now I can call myself a certified Cisco derp. I’m working towards my CCNP! The packets taste like candy.*Nom...
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  • EVE Problem !

    Dear Friends !   i am using EVE but most of the time when i want to run topology it shows (Failed to Start Node (12)
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  • Which are the important topics for SECOPS ?

    I am planning to write SECOPS by the end of february.. Can any one tell me what all are the important topics that came for the exam.. As well as resoursed used other than online material. Thanks in Advance
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  • The Top 3 Reasons Security Certifications Are #WorthIt

    Every year, we look to and conduct several studies to better understand how managers and individual contributors perceive Cisco security certifications. This year, we confirmed key insights that have been building for...
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  • Data Center Design Models

    The design of a Data Center Network (DCN) must be driven by the requirements of the applications it supports. Nowadays, the DC design models can be classified in two big groups: multi-tier DC (MTDC) design and New Gen...
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  • Passed the CCNA Cyber Ops

    If you are going to take this test, make sure you know the following very well: NIST 800-61 Incident Response Wireshark string filtering, file downloading, TCP following, and understanding the protocols. CVSS v3 A...
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  • ipv6 address autoconfig

    Hi what is the difference between "ipv6 address autoconfig" and ipv6 address autoconfig default"? edmondgyampohjilse-iphbrian-osgoodluke.robertson@networkdirection.netsergun4ikmodestas@ragai-ir-kanopos.euarmysatcom25
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  • Traffic Shaping & Token Bucket

    Hello,   I have been studying QoS and came across a complex concept called Token Bucket   I am trying to understand it with no luck, the documentations point to the word Token and packet like they are the...
    abdo refky
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  • Stackwise - Any use in using 2 stackwise links between 2 switches?

    I am failing to find anything on this specific topic, and with my limited knowledge on my lab I am unable to determine this, does using 2 stackwise cables to connect 2 switches allow for doubling of throughput or redu...
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